When will I receive my "thank you" KILT Coins from the Kusama crowdloan?

KILT community governance voted on the distribution of the crowdloan KILT Coins, and the distribution occurred on November 22.

If you used Polkadot.js to contribute to the crowdloan, your KILT Coins will show up automatically in your balance there. Here's where to look:

1. Go to your wallet extension
2. Select the 3 dots next to the account you contributed from
3. Change the 'Kusama Relay Chain' to 'Allow use on any chain'

1. Go on Polkadot.js.org/apps
2. Connect to your polkadot.js extension
3. Click on the top left corner and go to Kusama parachain and auction
4. Scroll to Kilt spirit net and click via KILT protocol
5. Scroll up and click switch
6. Go to Accounts and your KILT should be there

If you used Fearless Wallet, refer to their wiki for instructions.

If you want to view and stake your KILT Coins immediately, you can export your Fearless Wallet to Polkadot.js using this tutorial.

Or you can export to our new Sporran wallet, where you can hold KILT Coins and set up an identity to sign and submit KILT blockchain transactions. In early December, Sporran will also offer digital identity and credentials functionality.