How do I cast a vote?

1. Go to KILT Spiritnet on Polkadot.JS

2. Under the “Governance” → “Democracy” section you will see active referenda and proposals

3. Scroll to the referendum you wish to vote on

4. Click “Vote”

5. This opens a separate pop-up. Enter the amount of coins you want to lock (1). The minimum required to vote is 1 KILT.
You can vote with multiplier 0.1 (10% of your voting tokens) and your coins will only get locked for the duration of the vote.

6. If you wish to increase your voting power by selecting a period of time to lock your coins, click the arrow next to conviction (2). Choose your conviction in the drop-down menu.

7. Vote “Aye” if you agree with the proposal and “Nay” if you disagree.

8. Click “Sign and Submit” in the pop-up.

9. Sign the transaction by entering your password (Sporran or Polkadot.JS, depending on where you are connected)

10. That's it!