Why did KILT become a Kusama parachain?

Many projects in the Polkadot ecosystem intend to use KILT functionality. To make KILT services available as soon as possible, with the support of the community KILT obtained an auction slot and started mainnet as a parachain on Kusama on September 8, 2021p.

Running as a Kusama parachain provides core functionality for KILT including:

  1. The ability to finalize blocks and thus secure the network, even while KILT is backed by a relatively small collator network. This provides an extra layer of security to the KILT Blockchain.

  2. KILT will be able to provide DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials through the Relay Chain to other parachain projects inside the ecosystem.

  3. This will provide enormous network effects for the KILT Blockchain.

  4. KILT would soon be able to utilize functionality from other parachains, such as smart contract systems and oracles.

Read KILT’s updated token economy for further details.