What is an Attester? How do I become an Attester?

Attesters in the KILT ecosystem are entities with established trust that can validate and revoke credential claims from Claimers. Attesters can attach a price for their attestation which results in a trust market that incentivises trust. If an Attester fails to provide accurate attestations then Verifiers will not trust their credentials. Without willing Verifiers, Claimers have incentive to seek out alternative Attesters. Thus there is incentive in KILT’s trust economy to become a trustworthy Attester.

If you wish to become an Attester you can leverage the KILT SDK which interacts with the blockchain to develop your solution for managing credentials. Check out our 
developer resources. If you want to outsource developers to help build the implementation you can reach out to one or our integrators at https://www.kilt.io/community/integrators. Or if you need some general guidance on first steps reach out to us at info@kilt.io or via any of our social channels! (Community)