What is a Verifier? How do I become a Verifier?

Verifiers in the KILT ecosystem are entities that perform, on request, a certain action for a Claimer who shows proof of having certain credentials / properties. This can replace and improve upon any existing trust transaction. Verifications can be made by accepting any one or many credentials according to what’s required for trust. For example as a Verifier you may allow users to present credentials to login, access a service, submit or access privileged information. 

If you wish to become a Verifier you can leverage the KILT SDK which interacts with the blockchain to develop your solution for accepting credentials. Check out our developer resources. 

If you want to outsource developers to help build the implementation you can reach out to one or our integrators at https://www.kilt.io/community/integrators. Or if you need some general guidance on first steps reach out to us at info@kilt.io or via any of our social channels! (Community)