What is a Verifier? How do I become a Verifier?

Instead of starting from scratch and collecting information you need from your customers, you can accept credentials provided by issuers you trust that contain that information. For example, if you need KYC (know your customer) information for regulatory compliance, you can choose to accept KYC credentials (as a Verifier) issued by a trusted name in your industry (an Attester). 

When the customer shares their credential with you, you can check its validity on the blockchain and read the information they share. This reduces the amount of data you need to store and streamlines your processes. 

You don’t need blockchain experience to become a Verifier; you can use the KILT TypeScript SDK, which provides methods to build applications to your specification that interact with the KILT blockchain. Check out our developer resources. If you need some general guidance on first steps join the conversation on our Discord or reach out to us at info@kilt.io.