What is the Sporran?

The Sporran wallet is a browser extension that can be used to store KILT Coins and credentials. It shows KILT Coin balances, and signs and sends transactions on the KILT blockchain.

At launch, KILT’s Sporran wallet will read and display KILT Coin balances from the blockchain or third-party applications. When transactions on the KILT blockchain are enabled, Sporran will allow users to sign and send those transactions.

Sporran will act like a physical wallet that stores personal digital credentials, providing users with anonymity and control over their data when they present their information to online services. Sporran will store Verifiable Credentials and allow the user to sign them digitally.

Sporran was developed by B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH, a subsidiary of BOTLabs GmbH which is the entity behind KILT Protocol.