How do I create a KILT Sporran Identity?

When you have downloaded the Sporran to Firefox, the blue wallet icon will automatically appear to the far right of your URL bar. For Chrome, click on the jigsaw puzzle icon to the far right of the URL bar. Then click on the pin symbol to the right of the Sporran, to add the blue wallet icon to your Chrome screen.

The “Welcome to your Sporran” page will appear. First, hover over and click the Terms and Conditions link to read the text. Return to the Sporran window, click the box next to “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions”, and then click “Create Identity”. 

The next step is setting up your backup phrase, please read this screen carefully. Then click “I understand this – go to the phrase”.


1. Write down your Sporran wallet’s backup phrase using pen and paper.

2. DO NOT take a picture or screenshot of the backup phrase, or store it on your phone or computer.

3. Store the backup phrase safely where no one else has access to it, and you are sure to find it again when needed.

4. Never share your backup phrase with anyone unless you fully trust them with your crypto assets.

5. For safety, you can make several copies of the phrase and keep it in different locations, e.g. safety deposit box, somewhere that would not be affected by theft, fire or flooding, etc. 

Similar to other crypto wallets, you are the only person with access to your backup phrase. Neither KILT nor the Sporran have any access to it. Therefore, losing your backup phrase will result in permanently losing access to that Sporran wallet and any KILT Coins stored there. 

On the next “My Backup Phrase” screen, hover your cursor to the right of each number or hover over the eyelash logo to “see” the twelve words of the phrase. 

Write each word down in the correct order, 1-12. When you’ve done so, click “Next Step”.

The next screen “Check my Backup Phrase” presents your 12 words in an incorrect order. Click on each word in the correct order from 1-12 to add them to the box.

Create a Password

On the next “Set Identity Password” screen, create a strong password using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, with a minimum of 12 characters. 

To see what you have typed, click the eyelash icon on the right.

When you are satisfied with the security of your password, write it down to save it. (Do not save your password and your backup phrase in the same place.) Then click “Next Step”.

Congratulations – you’ve successfully created a KILT Identity linked to your unique KILT address!

Click “OK” and go to the next step to see your KILT address.