How do I vote on a KILT referendum?

1. Go to KILT Spiritnet on Polkadot.JS

2. Under the “Governance” → “Democracy” section you will see active referenda and proposals

3. Scroll to the referendum you wish to vote on

4. Click “Vote”    

5. This opens a separate pop-up. Enter the amount of coins you want to lock (1). The minimum is 1 KILT.

6. You can vote with multiplier 0.1 (up to 10% of your voting tokens) without any lock. If you wish to increase your voting power by selecting a period of time to lock your coins, click the arrow next to conviction (2). Choose your conviction in the drop-down menu. 
Please note: if the proposal is successful, your coins will remain locked for this period of time; if unsuccessful, your tokens will be unlocked after the referendum has finished.

7. Vote “Aye” if you agree with the proposal and “Nay” if you disagree.

8. Click “Sign and Submit” in the pop-up.

9. Sign the transaction by entering your password (Sporran or Polkadot.JS, depending on where you are connected.)

10. That’s it! You have now voted for the proposal.