The layout of the Stakeboard

1.    SESSION BLOCK COUNTDOWN: shows the current session, counting the blocks in the session. One session on the KILT blockchain lasts around 2 hours, or 600 blocks.

2.    BEST BLOCK: the most recent block mined by the KILT blockchain.

3.    FINALIZED BLOCK: the most recent block approved by the Kusama Relay Chain. 

4.    The token bar shows how many tokens you have, including how much is staked and how much is still free (ready to withdraw). When active, clicking “DETAILS” opens a field with more information:

  • WITHDRAW: free tokens

  • LOCKED FOR 7 DAYS: tokens that have been unstaked and are still in the unbonding period of 7 days. Also gives information on the time until fully unbonded.

  • READY TO WITHDRAW: tokens that have been unbonded and need a transaction to be unlocked.

Your Sporran will show one token bar for each Identity you have created. 

5.   Search collators by KILT address. 

6.   List of collators: Each collator is currently shown by their address (the long list of numbers next to the icon), as the Sporran does not hold data on the individual collators. In the future, collators will be able to indicate a name using KILT decentralised identifiers. The star can be clicked to add a collator to your favourites.

7.    The star can be clicked to add a collator to your favourites.

8.  The pickaxe icon shows if the collator is in the active set. 

  • Yellow: collator in the active set 

  • Grey: collator not in the active set 

  • Orange: the collator has indicated they will stop collating and will leave in the active set soon

9.  Arrow:       

  • Yellow: will be in the group of active collators in the next session                   

  • Grey: will not be in the group of active collators in the next session

10.     Rank | Total Stake: 

  • Rank: KILT launched with an active collator set of 16 collators. This will be gradually increased to 75 collators. Collators are ranked according to the amount of stake backing them. Rank 1 is the collator with the most stake.   

  • Total Stake: The total amount of KILT Coins staked on this collator (self-stake + delegator stake)

11.  Lowest Stake: The lowest amount of individual stake backing the collator.  lf the collator already has 25 delegators, this is the minimum you would need to top to back the collator (and to kick that delegator out and take their place)

12.  Delegators: The number of delegators the collator has backing them / the maximum number of delegators possible per delegator (currently 35)

13.  Coin logo:

  • Yellow: You are staking on this collator

  • Grey: You are not staking on this collator

If you have 21 KILT Coins or more in your Identity, clicking in the collator column will open a drop-down menu with more options. (1,000 minimum for staking; 1 to cover transaction fees.)

14.  STAKE FROM: Here you can choose the account you wish to stake from. Clicking the arrow gives a drop-down with all the Identities you have linked to the Sporran.

15.  MY STAKE: Add the total amount you wish to stake from this account.

16.  STAKE: Button changes from grey to yellow when the account is selected and the amount is entered.