hereHow do I stake on Stakeboard?

Click on the column next to the collator you wish to back. As long as you have a minimum of 21 KILT Coins in your account, this expands the field.

1. STAKE FROM: Click arrow to choose the account you want to stake from

2. STAKE AMOUNT: Insert the amount of KILT Coins you want to stake 

STAKEABLE: If you are already staking, the STAKEABLE field will pop up under STAKE AMOUNT. This indicates the amount you still have free to be staked.

Choose your collator.

Click the arrow next to “Select Identity” (under STAKE FROM). This will give a list of all Identities you have connected to the Stakeboard. 

Choose the Identity you want to stake from.

Enter the total amount you want to stake. The STAKE button will then turn from grey to yellow.

Please remember to leave at least one KILT in your account to cover transaction fees.

Click “STAKE”.

This opens up a  new pop-up with the address of the collator you want to stake on and the amount you want to stake.

If you are happy that the details are correct, click “STAKE”. 

The Stakeboard creates a transaction to be submitted to the KILT blockchain. Recheck, if the transaction reflects what you intended to do.

If yes, enter your password for the KILT Identity.  

Click “Sign the transaction”.

A pop-up indicates that the transaction is in progress.

When completed, you will see a “Transaction Complete” pop-up.

Your KILT Coins have now been staked! 

Please note: As staked KILT Coins remain in the wallet they are staked from and the Stakeboard does not actually hold KILT Coins, you receive all rewards to the address you staked from. If you wish to restake these KILT Coins, you will need to do this manually.

See the staking how-to guide here.