How do I unstake on Stakeboard?

Unstaking follows a similar process to staking.

Click the column next to your collator to expand the field.

Click “EDIT”.

If you wish to unstake all your KILT Coins, click “UNSTAKE”.

This changes the MY STAKE to 0 stake.

Pop-up asks if you want to stop staking.

If all the details are correct, click “UNSTAKE”.

The Stakeboard then creates a transaction to be submitted to the KILT blockchain. You will then be asked to sign the transaction on the blockchain by entering your private password for the KILT Identity.

Click “Sign the transaction”.

Your KILT Coins have now been unstaked.

Remember: when you unstake there is an unlocking period of 7 days before you can withdraw your KILT to your walletYou can see the time left to unlock in the DETAILS section, next to the token bar. 

You can choose to stake again within the seven-day unlocking period (once the next session starts, you can also choose to put them on a different collator).