Does KILT create identities and credentials?

No, KILT works as a simple protocol. It provides the infrastructure for entrepreneurs or companies to build their own product to create, or issue, or present and verify digital credentials.

So, using the example of fairtrade chocolate again, if you are the organization that attests that something is fairtrade, then you would like to have a system where you could easily build an application so that you can give this service to food producers. So you would need the infrastructure for building that. You don’t want to start a huge IT project with lots of servers where people can retrieve the information that this chocolate is fairtrade, you want this completely decentralized and you don’t want all the work. This is where you would use KILT. The KILT infrastructure is already there, you need just a week or two to put a very simple application on top of it and then you have something that works. And the data, the truth about whether the chocolate bar is actually fairtrade or not, is stored on the blockchain.

The main aim behind KILT is to provide a way for companies to explore new business models, related to claims and attestations. KILT would enable businesses, or governments or people, to rely on a common standard that is owned by everyone participating and not by a single company.