Can I send or receive funds using web3names?

web3names are connected to decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and in themselves are not a substitute for a receiving address. However, you can now send and receive transactions via a web3name using w3ndi, a decentralized index of digital accounts, built by Apillon. This is currently  available in Nova Wallet and supports addresses across Polkadot (including KILT and other parachain address types) and other popular chains, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and more.

Linking a web3name with an address via w3ndi is done via a digital file created by Apillon. This file contains identifiers for addresses that you attached to your web3name on the KILT blockchain. The file is stored on decentralized cloud storage (IPFS) and pinned via Crust Network. This is not the same as account linking, which links an address to a DID on the KILT blockchain – if you have accounts linked in this way you also need to link them via w3ndi.

Note, since anything linked on the blockchain is public and therefore a permanent record, be sure to only link addresses that you want associated with your name.